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Shore FC Smash Tournament

April 15 & 16, 2023 (For Players - U10, U12, U14, U16 & Above)
U10 - 2013-2014   U12 - 2011-2012  U14 2009-2010  High School 2008-2004

Co-Ed Tournament for U10, U12

Gender Divisions for U14, U16 & Above

5V5 play (maximum roster of 7) for U10, U12, U14

7 v7 play (maximum roster of 10) U16 & Above (High School)


Shore FC Smash Tournament

About Smash

Welcome to the Shore FC Smash Tournament. Shore Soccer is excited to bring this new event to the shore.  The Travel program is organizing this event!  There is excitement in being able to provide a tournament on the shore, raise money to help our youth travel program, and make a difference in our community. 

The Shore FC Smash Tournament is unique in that youth players get to pick their teams, their names, and their strategy to be successful.  Each team will need a captain who will help organize and register their team.  The registration process is set up through a link below.  You do not have to pay by credit card, there will be other options offered through the registration link.  

Please note the registration deadline for the Shore FC Smash Tournament is April 8th.  Teams must pay prior to the deadline and there are no refunds for teams that drop prior to the tournament.  We will not be taking teams after the registration period.  You may also register as an individual to be placed on a team if you are unable to find a team.  It is important to understand that when captains are forming teams they can cross between age categories, however, they must play at the age level of their oldest player.  This tournament is for players ages 8-18.  For those who would prefer to pay by cash or check we will be collecting money Saturday April 8th from 11:00am-12:00pm at Randy Custis Memorial Park in Nassawodox VA.  If you are unable to make this time, you can make arrangements with a representative from shore soccer before the April 8th deadline!


Each age level will have a final match to declare a first place winner.  The first place team of each age category will be awarded a championship Shore FC Smash Tournament T-Shirts, and name recognition on the shore soccer website.  The second place team will receive name recognition through the Shore Soccer website. 

You and your friends can be champions!  Youth are in control of their strategy and results.  Youth captains will help to coach and prepare their teams for play!

Happenings at the Tournament

The weekend of the event will include bracket schedule, a registration table with announcer, and lots of opportunities to support Shore Soccer.  We will be selling shore soccer swag, operating a concession stand with meal options, and have some fun alternative activities for younger children and attendees. Smash Burgers, an Ice Cream Truck, and Taco Truck will be on location the day(s) of the event, Prior to any player playing in the tournament, a parent must come to the registration table to check in their player and ensure that the waiver and permission form for their youth has been completed.  

Please note: A Parent/Guardian must register and check in their team at the registration table prior to play.  Game schedules will be given out after the April 8th date.  All minors must have an adult chaperone at the event.  This may be a parent/guardian or parent of a team mate.  Youth found without proper supervision will need to return to the registration table to contact their parents and/or find an adult designee.  We want families to feel comfortable at the fields and enjoy the day, we expect youth will walk around with their buddies and may not have an adult next to them hovering.  We are serious about supervision of minors for the purpose of keeping them safe at all times during our tournament!

Games & Rules

Players must wear soccer shin guards, and soccer cleats for the tournament. Teams should bring a light colored shirt and a dark shirt for each team member to ensure each game has different colors for play.  Players can be creative in how they create their team shirts and/or the colors that they choose to pick for their team.  Superman or Batman capes are welcome!  We encourage players to dress in layers to keep warm between games. They should bring a water bottle to keep hydrated during the weekend! 

Game Rules
Every team will have at least 2  games of bracket play during the tournament.  All games will have a referee. 

U10, U12, U14 Game Rules

Games will be played 5 v 5 with a keeper
There will be a max of 7 players per team roster. 
Teams have unlimited subs even when the ball is live. 
There will not be offsides called during games. 
There will be two 15 minute halves with a 5 minute break between halves. 
The Kick off can happen in any direction. 
There will be no goal kicks during the game. 
Goalies must toss or roll the ball to a player.  
No slide tackling
Headers are allowed
In the event of a tie add an extra 5 minutes to game play with a dropped player. After 5 min penalty kicks will determine winner.

High School Division

Games will be played 7 v 7. 
There will be 6 players on the field with a keeper. 
There will be 22 minute halves with 2 minute break between halves. 
There will be no off sides, all free kicks are direct, 
The ball must have gone out in order for a sub to enter than game. 
Goals can be scored from kick off. 
The keeper is allowed to clear with goal kicks, however the keeper can not punt the ball. 
Keepers have 6 seconds to release the ball. 
If tie two players drop from team and add 2 minutes to end of game. If still a tied game the game will be decided by penalty kicks. 

How long does a team have to get to a schedule game?
Because of the variety of divisions and teams, there is a rule that teams must be prepared to play within 5 minutes of their scheduled time.  Teams that do not have a complete team to play on the field during their designated time may play with fewer players, against the other team.  If a team is unable to play after 10 minutes that team will forfeited their match. 

17 Laws of Soccer Explained / Rules and Basic Information

Payment Options & Registration

Option 1 - $20 Basic Individual Registration Fee ( Gets you into the tournament) Each Team player will need to make the minimum registration fee. 
Option 2 - $50 Shore Star Supporter (Gets you into the tournament and listed on event T-Shirts
Option 3 - $100 Super Shore Start Supporter (Gets you into the tournament, listed on event T-Shirts, and entered into drawling for $75 Walmart Gift Card to be drawn the day of the event)

Registration link above.  Instructions are provided through the link.  We would prefer that you use the Online Registration Link.  The form is easy and will automatically generate you into our registration software.   




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